Impact of CD on Learning (L&D)

Over the past 20 years, as agile principles and values have spread from software development to other parts of the business and from IT enterprises to other industries, business agility has become a key differentiator for success. Business agility determines which companies will be first to market, which will be able to pivot in response to changing market dynamics, and which will be able to innovate quickly in order to better compete.

L&D often struggles to keep pace with changes in the business and field of enterprise learning.

Many leaders within Learning and Development (L&D) organizations are struggling to keep pace with business agility and technology that are evolving to support business agility. Modern agile approaches to learning development such as  SAM from Allen Interactions,  Lean and Agile Learning from CGS, and LLAMA from Megan Torrance push beyond ADDIE to provide a more agile approach to learning development—design, development, testing and delivery of e-learning or learning solutions. While these are a step in a more agile direction, they are nowhere near agile enough to support the rate of change that is on the horizon.

Modern software development is significantly increasing the rate of change.

Modern approaches to software development are dramatically increasing the rate at which change occurs. Today, high-performing organizations deliver 2,555 times faster and 200 times more frequently than lower performing organizations. Simply changing how we develop traditional L&D deliverables will not be enough to keep pace with the demand for enablement. A disruptive transformation has begun. The rise of modern agile approaches—DevOps and continuous delivery—is poised to significantly change the world of enterprise learning.

Visionary L&D Leaders are preparing for an unprecedented pace.

Visionary L&D Leaders are preparing their teams to help their business succeed in a world where change happens 2,555 times faster than before. Successful L&D organizations will adapt their culture, practices and processes to enable the agile enterprise to thrive in response to an unprecedented rate of change.

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