Dark Learning for Agile Enablement

We are currently working on a book about Dark Learning—Dark Learning for Agile Enablement.

Enterprise learning--transferring knowledge, skills and behaviors within a large company--is still often thought of as an event (such as a training course or a Webinar), an artifact (such as training guides, videos and documentation) or programs that combine events and artifacts. The authors present a new approach to enterprise learning that fundamentally shifts how people think about and execute enterprise learning. Dark Learning is an approach to enablement that more transparently enables people to embrace new behaviors, skills and abilities. 

Overview of the Objectives

The current objectives of the book are to enable readers to:

  • Recognize the 8 Brain Shifts of Dark Learning that are increasing the value that organizations deliver to their customers
  • Identify practical ways that Dark Learning can increase your agility and the value delivered to your customers
  • Implement learning as an approach to solving root problems, rather than symptoms of problems
  • Flatten the learning hierarchy to bring learners and experts closer to each other
  • Evaluate and select technology that enables transparent adoption of knowledge, skills and behaviors
  • Personalize and contextualize learning to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Establish a metrics approach that will help you to achieve your organization’s goals
  • Assess your organization’s approach to learning and identify a path to improvement
  • Use modern analytics for no-nonsense insight into investment in learning

Real-World Examples

The authors are providing real-world cases from working with hundreds of large-scale, global enterprise teams in diverse industries (IT, finance, telecom and others).  “Enlightened Moments” sprinkled liberally throughout the chapters will provide the best examples from a variety of business units (Sales, IT, Marketing, Legal/IP, Channels/Partners and others).  

Suitable for Global Audiences

This book is suitable for global audiences, recognizing that learning is a fundamental function within any culture and can be easily adapted based on the norms and priorities within each culture.  


Interested in sharing your stories?

We are currently interviewing people who are using Dark Learning approaches.  Let us know if you'd like to discuss.

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