2014 Bosnia Agile Kickoff

Published on May 6, 2014
This session is from the Bosnia Agile Community kickoff, 2014. The focus is on the evolution of Agile and agility as it relates to DevOps and beyond.

Intro to the Session

Agile development is a mature, mainstream approach to software delivery today. Agile Maturity Research respondents indicate that 78% of development team members have now worked on at least one agile project, 25% report they are extremely experienced with agile, and 81% of teams surveyed have more than one year of experience with agile methods. Beyond that, 21 countries each have more than 1,000 certified Scrum Masters—an indication of the global adoption of agile methods today. Additionally, agile has moved beyond a focus of small teams developing software to organizations delivering software. Agile is appearing in unexpected complex areas, including government, automotive, banking, and electronics industries.

However, agility is often constrained by a much broader set of collaboration activities and constraints across all sub-teams responsible for delivering a solution as part of a larger value stream. This session explores DevOpsas “an essential enterprise capability for continuous software delivery that enables organizations to seize market opportunities and reduce time to customer feedback.” It discusses DevOps as an approach to eliminating collaboration barriers beyond development and IT operations, and a model for continuously improving in complex environments.

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